Pizza Cutter with Faceted Blade

Hi, with this post I want to show you my design of my latest workshop mini project. Its not about Science Fiction Machines this time, but something that I needed in my kitchen for ages… a good Pizza Cutter!

I have made homemade Pizza for years, I have even go to all the effort to make the base too, but I really wanted a big long cutter that would punch through the thin and crispy bases I like so much. My small wheel type of cutter was always a pain to use, too small, too wobbly and it got stuck in all the topping and mooshed everything across the pizza… and then it was too difficult to get it to cut through properly. So I invented a better cutting blade that has sections of smaller radii in between larger radii sections, these small radii sections help punch through the tougher thin and crispy pizza bases that can be a bit hard sometimes. It dose this because the pressure applied to the cutter is higher at the smaller radii sections of the blade. Originally this design I came up with was for a round wheel type of pizza cutter and this design works well for that application. But I made a long bar type and applied my design generous to that instead. The key tech part I developed for this pizza cutter is the “Faceted Blade”! AS I briefly described above, it has longer large radii curved sections and several smaller radii sections all smoothly sharpened into one continuous blade. To see what this looks like please the edge on images of this kind of pizza cutter blade so you will see what I mean with better clarity. This design IP I invented is free to use as you like, would be nice if you give me credit, but mainly I would like to see some of the more workshop capable of you to go make your own and get back to me with you version of this. You can change it as you like, make whatever kind of handle you want and so on. Be sure you know how to sharpen blades without causing yourself some kind of injury, and only attempt making your own if you have the skills. By reading this page you agree that I am not responsible for any damage, loss or costs associated with you or another person or persons making my Faceted Blade Pizza Cutter design… i.e. it all at your own risk! Here are the images: Cutting from a 1.6mm thick stainless steel plate  

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