Fracking Repair Droid Construction Update 2

7 Oct

Hey, Scott here, this is my weekly update for you on the production process of the Fracking Repair Droid.

  The Videos are first, then below you will see the images. This video shows the surface treatment being done to the Knee Joint Cover caps. Why Mr.Sheen is the best stuff for everything in the studio. Here I show you how I use this Mr.Sheen polish to assist with the surface machining of one of the Knee joint cover caps and how this stuff helps get that particular sheeny, shiny finish that looks both polished and brushed at the same time. This gives a wonderful 3D effect to the metal .  .  .  cool! And more Knee Joint machining .  .  . And more .  .  . Exciting!!! Here is the start of the Core of Power!!!     Fracking Repair Dome components These are the Fracking Repair Droid Domes, both the top and bottom ones. The top one has the arm mounts installed for a trial assembly.   Fracking Repair Dome components and parts array Same as above and with all the parts in the background.   Fracking Repair Droid Core Disks This is the first stages of machining the black Core Disks.   Core parts trial assembly Here is a trail assembly of the Power Core components.   Core Reflector Disc machining Difficult to see but there is one of the Power Core reflector disks attached to the Lathe chuck ready for center hole machining.   Fracking repair Droid Power Core Trial Assembly The Power Core of the Fracking Repair Droid!  


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