Fracking Repair Droid Production Update

28 Sep

Hi all, thanks for visiting, here are the latest updates on the build process for the “Fracking Repair Droid©”.


The Leg Ball Joint Knee parts have been undergoing machining operations, welding and surface linishing. These are now ready for trial assembly. The Knee light emitting disks are being made Saturday 29th and the first of the wiring harness goes in over the weekend too!

  Here are some pics and a few videos. Just scroll down and see all of them: First the videos .  .  . Yep, thats a FLAT file I’m using to shape a curvilinear surface! One more, this shows how to cool down after a weld.   And now some of the pics:   Docking off the leg bosses .  .  . Docking off the Leg Bosses   Machining Individual Leg Bosses .  .  . Machining Individual Leg Bosses   Leg ‘Arms’ with the corresponding mounting bosses fitted. The ‘Arms’ part of the leg assemblies are the more horizontal member of the leg assem. This will make more sense when the whole thing comes together shortly. Leg arms with bosses   Machining the body hemispheres .  .  . Machining the body Hemishperes   Trial assembly of the first Leg ‘arm’ to the top body hemisphere. Note the mount holes for the next leg including power cable hole and location pin hole, thats why there are three holes. Trial Assembly of the leg arm to top hemisphere   All three leg arms shown here in a trial fitment to the top body hemisphere .  .  . All three leg arms in trial assembly   Leg arm fitting trial closeup. Note the ring collar at the junction of the leg arm to the sphere. Leg arm fitting trial closeup   Closeup of the Knee joint retaining nut welding position .  .  . Knee joint sphere pre-welding loseup


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