Fracking Repair Droid Design And Production

21 Sep

Fracking is big energy business and there are plans to Frack vast areas of Australia, and I do mean vast, as in huge!

There are many problems with this kind of energy production that many people have been subjected to in those areas overseas that have been Fracked, such as water with flammable gas in it i.e. flammable water and there are many examples you will find on YouTube etc. But also there is the issue of ground water pollution from the chemicals pumped into the ground during the drilling operations. I believe these chemicals are used to help the drilling process, but are not or cannot be removed after.

It seems inconceivable to me that anyone in their right mind would want to permanently contaminate ground water such that it can never be used and can never be cleaned out.

If this happens under farm land or even housing areas where people grow vegetables in their back yard then this pollution could cause all kinds of heath issues. The air pollution alone is reportedly a big concern too in many areas and you will find lots of information and videos on-line about that also. but also there are reports that this will increase earthquakes or make them worse, but I am not too sure about this yet.   I will post more about this in a post dedicated to all the shenanigans surrounding this Fracking thing including information from both sides obtained from their respective publications, just to be fair.   So what can we do to stop this kind of unrepairable and irreversible pollution nightmare from happening? Well there is a site called that is in support of the situation developing in New York State in the US. Yoko One and Sean Lennon are involved too to some extent, so check it out. For my part I am building a futuristic repair machine that comes from the 22nd century where technology had been invented that can actually fix the damage to the bedrock.   Here is the Exhibition Text:

Fracking Repair Droid

  The three phases of Ignorance. There is this law of ignorance as I call it that goes like this; firstly, people sometimes reject out of hand that which they feel is too new or unintelligible or seemingly contradictory, then they object to it to the point of violence in sometimes, then they eventually come around to find that the idea becomes self evident. So here we are again, going through the same ridiculous and complex process of denial and objection in the face of real science, real evidence and measurement before the bleeding obvious dawns on people that the hotly contested and unbelievable issues of their day move on to become everyday commonplace knowledge.  This process can take an unfortunately long time and during the process many lives can be lost from this ignorance. Here I am referring to the latest wackiness .  .  . Shale and Coal Gas Mining called Hydraulic Fracking. From some of my research on-line I came across a map showing vast areas of Australia that are earmarked for Fracking .  .  .  so the debate is ON! This gas mining process of Hydraulic Fracking or just Fracking as it is more widely known, is I believe, yet another of these ignorance issues much the same as with any of the other more well known rounds of craziness of these last several decades of the industrial revolution, such as these shining crackers of absolute stupidity: Tobacco – from “As Dr. Davis explained, it’s often assumed that no one knew about tobacco’s dangers until the 1950s, but the first case-control study on tobacco and lung cancer was actually done in Germany in 1939. In the 1930s, Argentina also had a national institute to study tobacco dangers. And even though the U.S. Surgeon General announced in 1964 that tobacco causes cancer, this was not widely appreciated or accepted until decades later.”  – Asbestos – from “Asbestos followed a similar pattern of deception, as there were reports from the 19th century detailing young women dying from lung diseases after working in asbestos-containing factories as teenagers.”  – What is this machine creature? This 22nd century Fracking Repair Droid fixes the extensive subterranean crack damage caused to the planet Shale or Coal bedrock from the 21st century Fracking procedures done to vast underground areas around the planet with the express aim of extracting shale or Coal gas and making a profit, oh, .  .  . and to hell with the pollution!
Many countries suffered from this kind of mining. From the New York City Department of Environmental Protection the report entitled “Impact Assessment of Natural Gas Production in the New York City Water Supply Watershed, Final Impact Assessment Report, December 22, 2009.” “Chemicals in drilling and fracturing fluid may be introduced into surface waters and ultimately into the water supply as a result of vehicle accidents during transport of raw chemicals to a drill site or removal of wastes from the site, via spills resulting from improper chemical storage and handling at drill sites, and via airborne and subsurface pathways. Chemicals introduced into the ground during the hydraulic fracturing process are not fully recovered. Based on data from horizontal Marcellus wells in northern Pennsylvania reported in the dSGEIS, on the order of 65 to 90 percent of the fracturing fluid may remain in the subsurface. As described in Section 2 and subsequently in Section 4.6, these chemicals can migrate beyond the fracture zone into overlying groundwater, watershed streams, reservoirs, and directly into tunnels and ultimately enter the water supply.” Chemical Cocktails Some of the chemical pollutants pumped into the ground: pH, K, CL, BTEX, Trimethylbenzenes, DRO and GRO a Diesel Oil derivative, Naphthalene, Isopropanol, Tert-Butyl Alcohol, Glycols, 2-Butoxyethanol, Acetone, Benzoic Acid, Formate, Lactate, Propionate, 2-Butanone, Phenols. Flammable Tap Water Unfortunately this Fracking method that was used back then to extract this gas also caused serious ground water pollution, and gasified this water to such an extent that in some areas it became unusable as drinking water. Also there was grave danger from this because of the fire danger from the dissolved flammable gases.  For example, a child brushing their teeth by candle light could suddenly have their head engulfed in flames! Ground Water Pollution This ground water pollution caused vast areas of farmland and residential land to be closed and evacuated until a solution could be found to fix the problem. To this day these areas are mostly still closed. With no way to extract all of the polluting elements from the ground water as yet* and with no way to prevent the gases escaping into the water supply it remains a wasteland left for the public to fund the repair efforts. This is what these repair droids were created for and they use the latest in 22nd century Micro-Beam Subspace Transpositioning Technology to weld the rock cracks back together in conjunction with two other droids working in triplicate sets around the planet and around the clock. This at least has had the effect of sealing up the subterranean cracking problem and once this has been done in a given area more cleanup operations can be commenced to remove ground water pollutants with newer technologies still in development*. The Visitors This Micro-Beam Subspace Transpositioning technology was acquired by means of trade with the alien “Visitors”. The very same visitors who were writing crop circles for centuries. Their arrival in 2234 answered the long standing question of how are crop circles actually created. The closer they came in their starship the higher the resolution the crop circles became. It did cost earth a significant amount of our already limited supply of Neodymium and a few other elements, but for the most part all would agree the trade was worth it. Some limited details about these Fracking Repair Droids (FRD) has now been made available, but the energy supply system is still top secret as it is reported to be a kind of Z.P.G unit or Zero Point Generator, again something traded from the Visitors. The small top mounted ring receives signals from a satellite that constantly monitors the location and status of the droids. It is also said that this satellite guidance system incorporates a Phaser Beam that can be used to destroy an FRD unit should there be any attempt to capture one for the Z.P.G. Each of these three units communicate via a beamed network connection and they have built in computer systems that make them almost completely autonomous. Microprocessor Controlled Metallic Magnetic Liquid Matrix! The legs are of particular interest. They work as probes and are used to send and receive data about the subterranean crack structure that exists at depths from over 2000 feet or 600 meters below and up to 10000 feet or 3000 meters. But the really cool part is that they are made of a high-tech flexible, nano-crystalline matrix with embedded nanites in a lattice that controls a metallic magnetic liquid that can be shaped to grip any surface and can be extended up to a meter to transverse rough ground! Hence the liquid look and shape. The legs are essentially a solidified magnetic liquid metal that can be liquified or solidified by microprocessor control! Also on the underside of the lower body there is a centrally located beam wave guide that emits the Micro-Beam Subspace Transpositioning energy beam. This beam works with the two other FRD beams and produces a Tesla Scalar Wave effect. All of  the beams converge at the same subterranean point for maximum effect and work along the seam to repair the crack damage together. Today you can see the one and only, partially reactivated prototype in existence, and you can notice the Alien Visitor Tech heritage just from the appearance! I trust you will find this astounding! Scott Branden Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, Electronics, Z.P.G. Power Unit.


Here are the images of the design and construction along with the concept sketches of the first working prototype built in the 22nd century: Fracking Repair Droid Concept Design   Fracking Repair Droid Knee Joint Parts   Fracking Repair Droid Liquid Metal Matrix Leg Machining   Fracking Repair Droid Liquid Metal Matrix Leg Machining done


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