Fracking Repair Droid Production Update

Hi all, thanks for visiting, here are the latest updates on the build process for the “Fracking Repair Droid©”.   The Leg Ball Joint Knee parts have been undergoing machining operations, welding and surface linishing. These are now ready for trial assembly. The Knee light emitting disks are being made Saturday 29th and the first

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NO BEIGE! Reject The Doctrine And Mediocrity Of The Masses

Here is a preliminary design for my new book slated for release later next year. Its called “NO BEIGE! Reject The Doctrine And Mediocrity Of The Masses” but this may change slightly, there have been many variations to get the idea across succinctly.   Let me know your thoughts, thanks   Connect with me here

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New Site just started building it.

See the latest new images of the AstorBug here! This Years Exhibitions: 20th Aniversary Resident Artist, Wollongong City Gallery, N.S.W starts September. What Tomorrow Brings Exhibition. You will see something I am working on right now at this event that is Insanely Cool !!! Stay tuned via RSS for more over the next few months.

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